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Are you still cleaning the connector like this?


Fiber optic operation is always meticulous,

Because every piece of data forms a judgment,

Whether it's a techie or a novice,

After every seemingly ordinary operation,

Some things happen↓

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The common sense of the optical fiber welding machine is for you


You may be just about to get into the fiberglass industry, or you may have been a longtime acquaintance; you've even been following the industry as we do for more than a decade.

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Working principle and characteristics of otdr


Otdr, is the full name of the optical time domain reflectometer. It is a precision optoelectronic integrated optical fiber test equipment. Otdr tester is widely used in optical cable maintenance and construction.

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The Application scene of Optical Fiber Welding Machine


With the development of modern communication, optical fiber and cable have replaced copper cable. Optical fiber is glass fiber. In the course of laying and using, it will encounter the problem of how to connect glass wire.

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