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GoodNews!KomShine Spanish and Russian website is coming!


As an optical communication manufacturer, KomShine Technology Ltd. is committed to providing optical communication solutions for every customer, constantly innovating and developing, and striving to present high-quality optical communication products for

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KomShine is ready for you


2020 is a year that doomed to be remembered, The Spring Festival atmosphere was completely shattered by the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, through the efforts of the people throughout the country united, medical staffs’ hard fighting, the Chinese made a pre

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KomShine’s 5 anniversary is coming


In April 2015, KomShine Technologies Limited was found in a 100m2 place for both office and storage with several square table and 4 employees.

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Focus on 2020 OFC,Komshine Booth 4820


OFC20 is held in San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA at March 8th . It is reported that more than 500 enterprises from all over the world participate in the exhibition.

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KomShine is poised for OFC 2020


Venue : San Diego Convention Center, SanDiego, California, USA

Date : 10 – 12 March 2020

Booth# : 4820

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Meet with Komshine on OFC 2020


The 45th Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition(OFC 2020)will be held in March 8-12th, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA. Komshine invite you to join us here. Optical fiber clean optical fiber detection optical

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The importance of the maintenance of communication cable


With the rapid development of high technology, communication cable is widely used. Compared with the general cable, communication cable not only occupies a small volume and has a stronger corrosion resistance, but also has a longer transmission distance a

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Hello 2020,Goodbye 2019


Hello 2020,Goodbye 2019

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Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

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Komshine promotion in Spain, in-depth negotiations, the future can be expected


Recently,Komshine CEO Evan travel to Spain to negotiate with prospective customers. This is the first time for Komshine to go to Europe and bring the product and service concept to the local communication business. Through the trip to Spain, we got a prel

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Komshine's trip--South America


On November, with the closing of the Futurecom in Brazil, Komshine just started its product promotion tour. In the following weeks, Komshine CEO successively visited agents in several South American countries, including new partners they met at the exhibi

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5G has came!We are at the forefront of Brazil Futurecom


quotation:Layout South America, deep ploughing local market, service more operators
Oct.28th,Communications industry in South America's most high-profile event-- FUTURECOM began in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the world expo exhibition conference center.

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The new product publicity meeting was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil


In recent years, the global optical fiber cable market is underway to carry out the construction, as the world's fifth-largest telecoms markets of Brazil, as the government increased the Internet penetration push broadband network construction, the count

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Komshine will display at FETURECOM 2019


FUTURECOM 2019 will be held at Expo Exhibition & Convention Center , São Paulo, Brazil Oct. 28-31th.

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CIOE 2019, KOMSHINE bring you wonderful moments of a retrospective exhibition


The 21st CIOE came to a close on Sep.7th. During the 4-day expo, many exhibitors ware exhibiting new products. For Komshine, this exhibition not only serves as the 2019 new products meeting but also further enhances the cooperation with agents and custome

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The 21st CIOE 2019 was held, Komshine products emerging in endlessly


On September 4, the 21st China International Optoelectronics Expo (CIOE) opened,It is understood that this expo brings together more than 3,000 global exhibitors, with a total exhibition area of 160,000 square meters, which can be described as a grand eve

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Welcome Chilean agent visited Komshine


In mid-August, Chilean agent came to China visit Komshine, know more about the Komshine product line such as OTDR, optical power meter, the two sides have conducted a product such as product features, use learning communication meeting, agents with the go

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2019 Komshine’s trip to Korea


With the opening of the domestic 5G commercial market and the large-scale implementation of the deployment of fiber-to-home network in the asia-pacific region, the optical communication industry has ushered in a new development opportunity.

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Good News—Komshine will join Shenzhen CIOE 2019


"The 21st China International Optoelectronic Exposition 2019 (hereinafter referred to as: China expo, light light fair, CIOE) is grand opening in Shenzhen Convention And Exhibition Center on Sep. 4-7th ,Komshine Technologies Limited. will be there with v

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The seven deadly SINS of fiber optic fusion


In many fiber fusion instance, we've found that making seemingly simple decisions can actually affect the performance of fiber transmission. Let me take a look at the seven deadly SINS. 

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Komshine carried out a professional promotion of new product in Thailand, April.


Komshine carried out a professional promotion of new product in Thailand, April.

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Komshine OFC 2019 Invitation


Date : Mar 3rd – 7th, 2019
Venue : San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA
Booth# : 6016

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Komshine the 20th CIOE China Optical Expo ended suessfully


The 20th CIOE China Optical Expo was successfully held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on 8th, September. 2018. Komshine Technologies Limited launched the new FX37, GX37 fiber fusion splicer, QX50 OTDR and other fiber optic products recei

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Komshine Fusion Splicer shown on Futurecom 2018 Expo


The Futurecom 2018 Expo was successfully held at theSão Paulo, Brazil on 16th-18th,October. Komshine launched the new product received high attention from the market and achieved promotional effect!

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CIOE 2015 - ShenZhen, China
Date: 9.02.2015 - 9.05.2015 / ShenZhen, China
Venue: China International Optoelectronic EXPO

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