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Do you know the ways to detect and clean the fiber interface?


With the rapid development and construction of 5G network, the optical communication industry has ushered in more opportunities.In the face of the wave of 5G construction,

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Intelligent portable optical fiber connector inspection scheme


The first reason that leads to the attenuation of optical signal or causes the problems of optical fiber network is the dirt or damage of the end face of optical fiber connector.

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How to choose the optical fiber connector inspector?


Since the commercial use of 5G, the construction of 5G network has developed rapidly, and the market demand for new equipment such as optical fiber and fiber optic cables and optical devices is growing day by day.

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Know more about optical fiber connector detector


At present, 5G base station is built on a large scale, 4G base station is updated and upgraded, and a large number of new equipment such as optical fiber, optical module and optical devices are used.

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