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GoodNews!KomShine Spanish and Russian website is coming!


As an optical communication manufacturer, KomShine Technology Ltd. is committed to providing optical communication solutions for every customer, constantly innovating and developing, and striving to present high-quality optical communication products for

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Basic knowledge of optical communication


Since the 1980s, fiber-optic communication systems have had a revolutionary impact on the telecommunications industry... Today, optical fiber communication network is increasingly developed,

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Do you know the ways to detect and clean the fiber interface?


With the rapid development and construction of 5G network, the optical communication industry has ushered in more opportunities.In the face of the wave of 5G construction,

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Intelligent portable optical fiber connector inspection scheme


The first reason that leads to the attenuation of optical signal or causes the problems of optical fiber network is the dirt or damage of the end face of optical fiber connector.

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