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The evaluation of Komshine power meter KPM-25m


Optical power meter is mainly used to measure the absolute optical power or through a fiber optical power instruments relative loss. Using a combination of optical power meter and stability of light source can effectively measure the connection loss test

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The evaluation of OTDR launch cable KFLC-2


Before,we have introduced you the OTDR, here we bring you its partner--launch cable KFLC-2. What’s the OTDR launch cable? It’s known that the OTDR h

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Komshine's trip--South America


On November, with the closing of the Futurecom in Brazil, Komshine just started its product promotion tour. In the following weeks, Komshine CEO successively visited agents in several South American countries, including new partners they met at the exhibi

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Komshine new product OTDR launch cable


Recently, our new product OTDR launch cable KFLC-2 has finally been introduced after multiple tests in the laboratory. KFLC-2 is mainly used to measure the insertion loss and reflectivity of the near end connection and the far end connection of the optica

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