To deliver defect-free, competitive products and services to our customers on time.

KomShine product quality management system places strong emphasis on the integration of product design quality assurance and manufacturing quality control, together with failure prevention in mind as the central idea.

Fiber Fusion Splicing

he process of fusion splicing normally involves using localized heat to melt or fuse the ends of two optical fibers together.The splicing process...

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An OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) is a measurement tool for analysing an optical fiber’s transmission quality. It is mainly used to measure...

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Test & Measurements

Optical Power Meter, PON Power Meters, Optical Light(Laser) Source, Visual Fault Locator, VFL, Optical Fiber Identifier, Optical Talkset...

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Cleaning & Inspection Items

Offers a full range of Fiber Optic Cleaning & Inspection items includes One-Click cleaner, Cassette clener, Inspection Probe...

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Fiber Optic Tool Kits

KomShine offers a full range of Fiber Optic ToolKits includes fiber splicing toolkits, fiber cleaning & inspection kits, optical loss test kits...

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Fiber Optic Tools

KomShine offers a full range of fiber optic tools such as fiber strippers, kevlar cutters, fiber optic slitters, mid-span access tools,cable cutters...

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