Are you still cleaning the connector like this?


Fiber optic operation is always meticulous,

Because every piece of data forms a judgment,

Whether it's a techie or a novice,

After every seemingly ordinary operation,

Some things happen↓

If you operate like the figure above, we are sorry to inform you that this fiber "Over".Although it seems convenient, it not only doesn't clean the port well, but also adds more dirt to the port. In fact, there is a lot of dirt on some soft cloth and wiped cloth.Therefore, it is necessary to use professional optical fiber detection tools and cleaning products to deal with the dirt on the end face of optical fiber.
"Culprit" for doubling optical fiber loss
For example,In the process of optical fiber detection, the loss is doubled without any reason, and even the optical signal may be cut off. After verification, it is known that the invisible particles and dirt are distributed on the end face of optical fiber.Such filth not only blocks the signal, but also causes the reflection wave and cause the different degree damage to the optical fiber.Data shows that 85% of network failures are due to dirty ports when connecting

In the high power state, this situation will be even worse, because the input filter's pulse peak power is large and the fiber head is polluted, which will lead to the damage of fiber head and fiber core.
Therefore, before operation, we need to make sure that the end face of the optical fiber is clean. As for whether the clean end of the optical fiber is the same as the daily understanding, we know that the end face of the optical fiber "looks" relatively clean, but when the end face is magnified by tens or hundreds of times, it is a completely different concept↓

As we can see, there are all kinds of dust, oil, alcohol and scratches on the end face after zooming in, which is actually hard to "see" and not easy to distinguish, especially when there are dozens of end faces in front of you, which will definitely make you feel confused.So what should we do when we encounter such problems?
You’ll understand half when you see the followings:

First, you need to know if there is any dirt on the end↓
Komshine Hand-held optical fiber end magnifier which can be up to 400 times of magnification. In fact, there are 200 times and 400 times of choice. The operation is also very simple.The design also pays attention to ergonomics, lightweight modeling to hand.

Komshine Hand-held optical fiber end magnifier▴

In terms of design, we strive for perfection. The focus of this product is very accurate, and the imported lens is used, so the picture can be clear when you look at it. At the same time, the end face of optical fiber is very neutral。
In the detection object, suitable for PC end face, also can detect APC end face.

To many people, although the magnifying glass is good, but can only see the particles more clearly is not straightforward, Komshine optical fiber interface detector is also appropriate, it can directly reflect the end face dirt situation, 400 times magnification, let the end face condition be clear at a glance.The identification accuracy is less than 1 um, which is very reliable.
In product design, the 3.5-inch hd LCD display screen is used to further improve the brightness and clarity of the display, avoid visual fatigue and make work easier and easier.At the same time, support a variety of optical fiber connector - FC, SC, ST, LC, SC female head, LC male head can also be inserted and measured, very easy and convenient, suitable for many occasions.

komshine  Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System KIP-600V

However, it is difficult to remember the results of such detection purely, especially in the case of many port detection.For this reason, we have added real-time video recording and extended TF card in our products, whose function is to record the detection situation in real time, which can support data playback and facilitate the later inspection and data statistics.
After introducing so many instruments about port detection, I believe that we have already known what instrument to choose for port detection, so after the detection, the next thing to do is to clean up.
Second, When it comes to cleaning fiber optics, it's a very specialized job,


Komshine FOCP a good solution to this problem,This product is made of professional dust-free and lint-free cloth material, and will not be contaminated with any lint caused by ordinary cleaning paper when it is cleaned, causing secondary pollution.In design, unique embossing process can bring some buffer and protect the port.The rubber backing plate with high wear resistance and elasticity can effectively prevent the end face from scratching, and it is more convenient to operate.

In operation, there are a lot of usage scenarios will be infected with a lot of dust contamination, not just face, like bare fiber, equipment screen presence of particulate matter, Komshine cylindrical optical fiber clean paper's daily operation need necessary accessories, cylinder design, easy to draw, one hand to operation, import clean no velvet paper is of good cleaning effect to expensive equipment such as fusion splicing .

Komshine cylindrical optical fiber clean paper▴

The cleaning of the end face of optical fiber seems simple, but in fact, it needs careful operation to be clean and effortless.
The following cleaning product --Komshine cassette type optical fiber end face cleaning box, using the cassette design, when using the optical fiber core in the cleaning belt gently rub a few times can clean the end face

Komshine cassette type optical fiber connector cleaning box

The material is high-density textile fiber, no static electricity, no hair removal, no need to add alcohol in the operation.Its cleaning mouth cover design is very intimate, after using can be gently closed, to avoid cleaning paper surface from secondary pollution.

When we open the cleaning box, we can see that the product is like a music tape, which is designed for easy replacement with the core
Generally after using more than 500 times, change the clean core can continue to use.
There is a more minimalist version of this cassette cleaning box↓

Komshine cassette type optical fiber connector cleaning box

In addition to the same cleaning efficiency and cleaning function as the previous product, the clean paper that has been wiped on the end face can be transferred to the other side by rotating the yellow gear, so that the clean paper can be exposed.The lightweight design allows you to estimate the amount of clean paper needed at any time. At the same time, the replaceable cleaning core can also help to save a lot of costs.
The cleaning of the connector seems not important, but it will cause a lot of interference to our optical fiber work if ignored. Therefore, we must pay attention to check the situation of the connector, and do a good job of cleaning the connector in time.

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