• Supply Complete Range of OFC Products

    KomShine designs, manufactures and sells optical fiber fusion splicers, otdrs, power meters, cleavers, toolkits, fiber optic cleaning and inspection items.

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  • FX35 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

    The Next Generation Fusion Splicer,It has many innovative features to simplify the use and ownership

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  • What Is OTDR Testing?

    An OTDR is a measurement tool for analysing an optical fiber’s transmission quality.
    An OTDR will detect, locate and measure any “event” in an optical fiber span.

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  • Inspection and Cleaning Procedures for Fiber Optic Connections

    It is important that every fiber connector be inspected and cleaned prior to mating. KomShine describes inspection and cleaning processes..

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  • What Is A Fusion Splicer and How They Work?

    A fiber optic fusion splicer is a device that uses an electric arc to melt two optical fibers together at their end faces, to form a single long fiber. .....

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" Supplying OFC products and services to leading companies worlwide.
KomShine offers a full suite of industry - leading manufacturing services of fusion splicer,otdr,fiber optic cleavers...from PCB assembly,systems assembly to all related in-process quality assurance testing... "

FX35 Series Fusion Splicer

DVP-740 Fusion Splicer The FX35H is the new standard core alignment fusion splicer covering varied splicing needs, such as universal holder for 250μm fiber, 900μm fiber, flat cable, and fiber jumper, 8 seconds splicing and 25 seconds tube heating, etc. They are all for great fiber splicing efficiency.

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All-Fiber OTDR

All-Fiber OTDR The QX50 comes in many models: sinlemode: 1310/1550nm, Multimode:850/1300nm, PON OTDR:1310/1550/1625nm, Combining singlemode and multimode:850/1300nm+1310/1550nm, aslo the QX50 OTDR built-in VFL function.

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Cleaning & Inspection

Cleaning & Inspection We produed fiber optic cleaning items includes one-click cleaner,cassette cleaner,sticks;fiber optic inspection includes: microscope and probe....

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Welcome to KomShine China

KomShine is an ODM (original design manufacturer)/OEM (original equipment manufacturer) providing a variety of support services related to design, manufacturing, and after-sales service for Optical Fiber Communication(OFC)products includes fusion splicer,otdr,fiber cleaver,connector cleaner,fiber optic inspection probe,FTTH Tools and toolkit. KomShine sells products to clients who use their own brand to introduce into the marketplace worldwide.

Our client base consists of branded, global/regional-based OEM (original equipment manufacturer) companies. Our clients request KomShine to provide an ever increasing array of services to support their product development plans.

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  1. FX35 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing System
  2. QX50 PON OTDR
  3. Fiber Optic Tool Kits
  4. Fiber Cleaning & Inspection
skycom t107,t207 Optical Fiber Fusion splicer price Splicing System

FX35 Fusion Splicer - Fiber Splicing Machine

Fusion splicers are used to connect optical fibers.
KomShine is the leading fibre splicer brand in the world.
FX35H Can splice 250um, 900um, Jump Cables and
FTTH Flat (Drop) Cables

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QX50 QX70 QX30 QX40 series PON MM OTDR


It can locate events on optical fiber cables precisely.
It can test the optica fiber length, fiber loss and other
physical characteristics of fiber cable.
it can locate events on fiber cables precisely

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fiber optic tools kits

Fiber Optic Tool Kits - Complete line

Fiber Optic Termination kits, Fiber Optic Cleaning Toolkit,
Fiber optic Inspection Kits, FTTH Fiber Optic Test Kits,
Fiber Optic loss test kits, Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing Tool Kits,
Fiber Optic Mechanical Splice Kits, FibLok 3M 2529 Splice Tool Kits,

fiber optic connector cleaning

Fiber Optic Cleaning - Fiber Inspection

Complete line of fiber optic cleaning/inspection supplies
including fiber connector cleaning swabs/stickes, connector dry
cleaning reel/cassettes, bulkhead in-adapter cleaners,
microscope,fiber connector inspector probe


Application Examples - KomShine Ideas

  • Fiber Splicing
    fujikura fsm70s,62s 70r,60s

  • OTDR
    exfo max-710b,max-730b pon otdr

  • ToolKit

  • Reel Cleaner

  • Inspection Probe

  • Fusionadora